Good Quality Indoor Lighting

For anyone, having good quality natural light in the home is very important. It can have a big impact on your quality of life, and it also plays a big role in your physical health as well. Here’s the how and why: Natural light is the main contributor of vitamin D to people, which is […]

Decorating Your Home: Inside and Out

A mark of a great home is in part its decorations. Both inside the home and outside the need to have an appearance that is of a high standard; a standard which makes people look and go “Wow!”, rather than just walk by and act as if the building doesn’t exist. Likewise with guests you’ve […]

Rustic Furniture

If you want to create a rustic feeling home, one of the key parts of such a design comes down to the style of the furniture you’ve got inside your house. When people think about ‘rustic’ what usually comes to mind is wood, but it does actually have more potential than that. A rustic look […]